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Partnering with Mr. ChiLing Huang, Rev. & Mrs. John B. Lin  started a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization after they retired from 40 years of service with Far East Broadcasting Co. Its purpose is to proclaim the Love of God and bring JOY to the world. Joy Partners' ministry include the following:

China Ministry

  • Cooperate with other organizations with their ministry to China.
  • Use the Internet by creating a website to reach people throughout China and the world.

Florence Lin

  • Free VCDs, books and devotional CDs will be sent to China through volunteer couriers from various churches and organizations.
  • Provide support to Chinese orphans and help poor children with their education.

Music Ministry

  • Cooperate with churches and organizations to hold evangelistic music concerts.
  • Encourage Chinese churches to compose and translate Gospel songs and help them publish this music.
  • Produce and record music CD's and accompaniment music for China and around the world.

Support Gifts
As a faith mission, Joy Partners depends on free-will love offerings for its outreach and operation. Gifts to JPI are tax deductible. Please make your checks payable to Joy Partners. We also accept Visa/MC/Amex

Thank you.

Meet some of our Board Members who help and guide the ministry of Joy Partners

 I would like to introduce two of JPI's directors to you: Dr. Harold Sala, president and founder of Guidelines International, and Mr. Jerry Poe, a Christian businessman and prayer warrior who is very invlolved with missions outreach. We are so thankful for their leadership and experience, and especially for their willingness to serve on JPI's Board during these start-up years. We have asked them to write a few words about JPI, and here they are.

Dr. Harold Sala, Vice Chairman of JPI's Board:
Mrs. Darlene Sala, Secretary:

 "Over many years I have gained great admiration for John and Florence Lin who—instead of retiring and relaxing—gave birth to Joy Partners, a new ministry targeting Chinese around the world.  I am pleased that I can serve on their board and endorse what they are doing 100%. 

What do the Lins bring to this new ministry?  Forty years of experience, knowledge of the people and culture they are reaching. When God asked Moses, "What is in your hand?" he replied, "This shepherd's staff."  And what is in John and Florence's hands?  The ability to communicate the Gospel clearly, administrative skills, music expertise which will greatly enrich the churches of China, and something far beyond price—a heart for God and desire to reach Chinese for the Lord.

I encourage you to stand with Joy Partners in your prayers, your financial support, and your encouragement.  What you can do makes a difference!

Mr. Jerry Poe, JPI Board Director:

"Rev. John Lin asked me to consider serving on the Joy Partners Board of Directors in August of 2000. I agreed to serve, having had some knowledge of the Lins' background of faithful service with FEBC for 40 years.

My wife Bobbie and I have come to love and appreciate John and Florence as men and women of integrity with a deep and firm commitment to spread the gospel to the dear Chinese people through the ministry of Joy Partners.

Joy Partners' vision offers a platform from which to launch a variety of programs tailored to effectively to all age groups. Its stated purpose for existence is "to proclaim the love of God and bring JOY to the world, and to help Christians become better stewards for the Kingdom." It is a pleasure to be serving on JPI's Board with Dr. Sala, president and founder of Guidelines Inc. and to get acquainted with fellow board members Chilin Huang and Synthia Tjio, JPI's president and treasurer respectively." 

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